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Modern Orthodontic Treatment

Today’s orthodontic treatment is quite different from that of a generation ago. And although perceptions and attitudes about braces have changed over the years as well, the goal remains the same – to help each patient achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Don’t just take our word for it. Moms know best. A majority of mothers surveyed on behalf of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) said that today’s orthodontic options and new technologies made their children’s orthodontic experience more enjoyable. That’s not all. 86 percent of mothers think braces are cooler today than when they were children, and 69 percent also said wearing braces made their children feel cool. In fact, an overwhelming 81 percent said their children’s experience with orthodontic treatment was either positive or extremely positive.

That enthusiasm about today’s orthodontic treatment doesn’t stop with just braces. It also includes the patient’s experience in the orthodontist’s office. Today’s patient-friendly offices provide video games, music and reading materials to help young patients enjoy their visit.

Furthermore, 78 percent of mothers who had braces as a child believe braces are one of the best investments their parents made for them. So, why not make that investment in your child, or even yourself?

Source: AAO Perception of Orthodontic Treatment Study 2003, Pragmatic Research, Inc.

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